#004 Alcohol, the drug my body doesn’t need.

At the start of 2017 after serval discussions with my amazing supportive partner who always encouraged me by saying alcohol will not help the black dog. I dumped alcohol from my life.

I didn’t drink regularly, it’s just how I consumed alcohol was the problem and the after effects it had on my mental well-being, sleep and it most definitely affected my anxiety levels afterwards.

I will give you one example, I would finish work on a Friday, grab a bottle of red wine from the shop near home. After my son was asleep I would have a glass and watch a movie, ok nothing wrong with that, no, but I would easily finish the bottle that evening as it felt like I was self medicating my depression and later on anxiety. Like I said my partner suggested a few times it would help me if I stopped doing that. At the time I was to stubborn to see the truth.

I woke up one Monday morning before heading off to work and said right that’s it I am ditching alcohol. Also in addition to my partner saying I shouldn’t drink I also read a link one of the Mums from my son’s School posted on social media, it contained the true medical facts about alcohol and depression.

Here we are late March 2017 and I have not gone back to alcohol, I had one urge to during this period but I purchased some alcohol free beer instead.

So what has it done for me:~

To start with I am sleeping better than I ever have done. My anxiety has only reared it’s ugly head once or twice in this period. This was linked to external issues which I resolved with rational thought.

The other bonus is the positive affects on my own physical health I have lost some weight, I feel physically better and I look better with regards to wellness. Proving just some alcohol at weekends can have a massive impact us.

If you are wanting to break the friendship with alcohol for any reason please look up and join Hello Sunday Morning, I found it a very useful tool.

Finally I will never say never but at this stage in my life I have no plans or urges to refurn to drinking alcohol.

#004 Alcohol, the drug my body doesn’t need.

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