#002 Minimalism and the black dog

About 6 or 7 years ago my battle with the black dog started. If you stick around and follow my blog you will learn more about this in later posts. When this battle was finally over in 2016 I was left with what I call “The Hangover” this came in the shape of life changing anxiety, more about that later. Late November 2016 I woke up and said ENOUGH! I am not going to let this crap control my life a moment longer. I left the house that day determined to seek further professional help.

After a few weeks I was in full swing on my plan to recovery and things were really starting to look up. In December whilst on a break from work I was looking through Netflix one evening and I spotted this film “Minimalism: A Documentary about the important things” https://minimalismfilm.com/

I was never a person who earned loads and spent loads, but the message in the film about living intentionally and spending more time with one’s you love really hit a spot. We spend so much time in our lives chasing income, career, goals, stuff (most of which is crap), chasing a bigger home, chasing the rat race norm we forget why we are here.

After the film I discovered the amazing weekly podcasts by The Minimalists http://www.theminimalists.com/podcast/.

One thing led to another and I started my journey of living a more intentional life, I have slowly removed the physical clutter from my life, although this is going to take some time to work through. My next step was to work on the very important stuff, mental clutter, financial stress and non essential problems. I soon discovered most problem were not problems.

This way of living will not work for everyone, but the harder you look at it you may see elements of it that will work for you, for me many aspects of it work and will continue this journey. I will continue because along with other steps it has helped me beat anxiety and this time it feels like it’s for good.

#002 Minimalism and the black dog

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